Evolution of the Faculty

Professors of Internal Medicine Department in the 90s - HCFMRP-USP

Other Professors went through the Department during a whole professional life, and today they are retired:

Iris Ferrari, hired in 1961, made a career in the Internal Medicine Department until Adjunct Professor. He transferred to the Department of Genetics, where he retired as Full Professor.

Marisa Mazzoncini de Azevedo Marques, hired in 1960, specialized in Nephrology and was Superintendent of the General Hospital from 1982 to 1985.

Paulo Múcio Guimarães Pagnano, dermatologist, made a university career initially in the Department of Dermatology, later incorporated into the Internal Medicine. In 1990, he retired as Associate Professor.

Ana Maria Uthida Tanaka, dermatologist, retired in 1990 as Associate Professor.

João Carlos da Costa, infectologist He retired formally in 1990, but remains active in the care of AIDS patients.

Walfredo Padovan, admitted in 1969 and died in 1980, when he made a brilliant career in Gastroenterology.

Finally, other professors worked in the Internal Medicine and left the Department to work in other Universities or private activity:
Beroaldo Almeida Jurema, radiologist, 1954 – 1963,
Natham do Valle Soubihe, cardiologist, 1957 – 1968;
Luiz Carlos Fernandes Reis, Endocrinologist, 1957 – 1964;
Clarimundo Neves de Sousa, radiologist, 1959 – 1966;
Alberto Accioly Veiga, hematologist, 1957 – 1961;
Kanji Kamato, radiologist, 1960 – 1967;
Gilberto da Rocha Menezes, gastroenterologist, 1961 – 1962;
Decio L. Eízirik, endocrinologist, 1985 – 1989;
Clóvis Simão Trad, radiologist, 1965 – 1981, continues as a contracted physician at General Hospital;
Carlos Quiroga, radiologist, 1976 – 1980;
Cássio Ruas de Moraes, radiologist, 1966 – 1973.